14 July 2010

Where am I now?

New place, same crazy.  I was officially removed from Crazy Land two days before Christmas a year ago.  I left with a whopping $2k severance pay and that, my friends, is it.  Furthermore, I had to endure over six hours of Owner delivering the news. Yes, by that time, I was more than ready to go. 

Now I'm with the State.  Craziness in a new form.  Perfect examples:
We're an entrepreneurial organization.  (Yes, I work for the State.  Don't ask.)
Unable to meet your performance standards?  I think you signed the document when you were hired, right?  Well then, you agreed to me.

That's the way we've always done it.  (See entrepreneurial comment above.)

As I said before, things can always get worse.

just checking

Are we still publishing?