26 April 2005

Feral Kitties and a Movie Option

Just a little catching up to do. The guy that my boss was trying to impress by redoing the office and actually tidying up his own office (achieved by just cramming things willy nilly into cardboard boxes) arrived for a visit last week. Here's the real absurdity: After all of that effort, my boss decided not to hire him. God, I'm afraid to think about what will happen when they locate another candidate.

On the feral kitty front, one of our oldest kitties finally allowed me to pet him. He was born about five years ago and he's come and gone several times since then. He'll come by for a month or so and then leave for months at a time. Then he'll turn up again. He's been with us now for several months. He's absolutely beautiful--gold with a leonine head. He's a very big guy and, much like the other big guy (my dog) in my life, he's not that interested in moving around too much. For the longest time, if I didn't manage to toss his treats directly to him, he just was not going to get them. Even if my aim was only a couple of inches away from him. Today, I was handing out treats and he came within an arm's length of me. I gave him his treats and just reached over and petted him. After he finished his treats, he smelled my hand and decided he'd move a little farther away. As soon as I started handing out more treats, he came right over and let me pet him again. This is a major accomplishment and I'm very touched that he trusts me.

I've been immersed in basketball since Sunday. My old friends would never guess that I've got a major basketball jones. I used to be adamantly anti-sports of all kinds. I don't understand why I can't have a basketball playoff leave. Well, while we're at it, I think a March Madness leave would also be nice.

Hubby has had three queries regarding optioning one of his books for a movie. No one is getting too excited yet because these things may not necessarily pan out. The book has been optioned twice (I think, maybe three times) before. Obviously, they never made a movie. Hubby would like for that to hapen, but he's pretty happy with just getting option cash.

I've been getting a reprieve from eating at home this week. Man, once you have a taste of real food, it's hard to go back to jerky.

Here's the quote of the day;
"If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man but deteriorate the cat." ~ Mark Twain

America held hostage day 1301
Bushism of the day:
"Oftentimes, we live in a processed world—you know, people focus on the process and not results."
—Bush, speaking on the Middle East peace process
Source: Public Papers of the Presidents, "Interview With Print Journalists," June 2, 2003

Website of the day; Investigating New Imperialism

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