23 March 2007

Somebody Shoot Me. Please.

Remember how I'm so good with relational databases? Remember how I work in Crazy Land?

One Crazy employee has asked me to go through the prehistoric employee database, cull specific information and print it out. Huge numbers of records. Ancient database software. Crazy employee's supervisor has no idea why Crazy employee needs that information. He wants to talk about it next week.

I don't want to talk about it. Yes or no. Very simple. Should I do it or not? I'm hoping for not, because I've tried twice to get the records to print (90% of which are most certainly completely irrelevant) and they just won't. Or they will, but not sorted in the order I specified.

I feel a migraine coming on. The muscles in my neck feel like they've been dipped in cement.

Oh god. Somebody get a gun and shoot me in the head. Before Monday, please.

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