02 April 2008

The Men

Again, so many things to say, so little time.

Monday, Hubby arrived from work, ready to complain about the assignment of shuttle routes. Janitor Jeff assigned the plum routes (in Hubby-speak that means "scenic") to a couple of Asian girls. Hubby gets the south side of town, over in apartment city, populated by students and some scruffy characters who prey on them. I agree that it's not the prettiest part of this lovely city, but he's getting paid for riding around in it. Janitor Jeff believes that the scenic parts of town are heavily populated by Asian students.

"It's depressing," he said, "This is worse than the IRS."

Oh yes. Music to my ears. Of course it's worse than the IRS, you crazy man. You're dealing with students. Remember being 19? I wasn't anywhere near as nice and accommodating as I am now. When he complains about their dismissive attitude about surveys, I remind him to practice detachment. Besides, he's only been on the job a week. If depressing scenery and snotty kids are the worst employment problems you've got, your job is pretty cushy.

Speaking of jobs, the Information Superhighway's husband (Repo Man) informed her on Tuesday that he doesn't plan to get a new job until after summer. He's going to repair computers for the family business at $100 per job. I don't know. That pay rate seems low to me, depending on time spent and difficulty of repair. Of course, if your life dream is to get up at 4:00 a.m. to work for pigs, you're probably not all that logical about profit margins.

Furthermore, Repo Man was denied unemployment compensation. In Texas, you only get that benefit if you're laid off, not if you resign or are fired. Repo Man noted on his application that he was fired, but when he received the denial letter from the state, he vowed to appeal.

Superhighway is furious. They have a brand new house, an RV they acquired last summer that hasn't been paid for yet and a new high end truck for the Man. They have two teenage boys who can eat half their own weight every day.

I'm praying for my good friend, Superhighway. If he doesn't shape up soon, she's going to cut him loose. Maybe that's why he still hasn't put the RV on the market. Maybe Repo Man plans to live in it under some bridge (in the depressing part of town, no doubt) while he works on that dream of pig/turkey farming.

Yesterday, we had a "Ladies' Team Building" event here in Crazy Land. I'm still trying to recover from it. The train wreck is still too fresh for me to talk about right now. By tomorrow I hope to have regained my sanity enough to write about.

I spent this morning working on a new database. It's so much more rewarding than team building. I have to admit that it always feels good to actually make a contribution to Crazy Land beyond providing accurate spelling, instant diagnoses of various ailments and all of my other value added activities. Of course, there's a certain amount of user consultation required, but other than that, it's just me, the computer and silence. It doesn't get any better than that in Crazy Land.

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