01 July 2008

Crazy Employee Culled From The Pack

Yesterday morning Crazy Employee was culled from the pack. According to Owner's wishes, she wasn't allowed to talk to anyone other than those doing the severing. I was relieved that she didn't get to come to my office and cry at me. However, it took her 2 hours and 45 minutes to gather her personal belongings and leave the building. We all hid until the all-clear sign from the Information Superhighway. It took so long that I'd begun to think someone had reversed the decision.

I'm ambivalent for many reasons. Not the least of which is that she was a highly entertaining storyline. On the other hand, Crazy was nothing if not annoying. I'm sorry that her family's income will take a hit. The good news on that front is that she was commuting about 70 miles every day, so maybe she'll find a job closer to home. Lower fuel costs must surely offset any cut in pay she'll have to take working for some other company.

My other selfish reason for not wanting to see her go is that it will certainly mean more work for me. More unpalatable work. None of us has any idea exactly how she billed clients, maintained the insurance coverage...or anything else, really. Of course, I've never had a job where there was any real transition from the previous employee. Even when the departing worker was there to offer assistance, there's not much motivation to ensure that the person taking your place is fully informed. I'm scrambling a bit to figure out how she used the system I put in place. Please feel free to laugh.

Owner was out of town until today and arrived at the office in a contentious mood. I haven't actually talked to him, but the Superhighway was called in immediately. It wasn't a pleasant talk, from what I've been told. I don't know whether Mr. Moneybags has been summoned. I saw him earlier and he didn't seem enraged enough to have had a conversation with Owner.

Superhighway escaped to my office a little while ago and asked if I'd expected Owner to be so surly. Yes. Yes, I did.

More brouhaha and culling is in the works. The Foot Lady may be next. Another excellent storyline bites the dust. But have no fear. It's still Crazy Land. Undoubtedly, there will still be much to entertain ourselves with.

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