19 May 2005

More Weird and Icky Stuff From the Office

This is a little icky, but here goes. There are numerous bathrooms both upstairs and downstairs at my office. I have a coworker, The Information Superhighway, (the one who was kind enough to show me her Brazilian wax) whose office is on the other side of the building from mine. Lately she's started coming over to my side to visit the restroom.

A few minutes ago, she burst into my office, unannounced, to tell me why she's started coming over here. Not that I care, of course; it's a community bathroom. We have a coworker (Diabetic Lady) who was hired a couple of months ago. She's not the tidiest person in the world. Superhighway informs me that Diabetic Lady has been peeing on the seat of the toilet. Unfortunately, D.L. hasn't been wiping up the pee, either. As if that weren't bad enough, when D.L. uses the toilet paper, it's always hanging to the floor when she leaves.

Diabetic Lady has been the subject of a lot of conversation since she got here. She's a piggy girl. We can always tell when D.L. has been in any room in the building because, when she leaves it, she leaves a trail of some kind behind her. She drops jelly on the kitchen counter and doesn't wipe it up. She allows coffee to dribble down the fronts of the newly painted (white!) cabinets. There's even been some discussion regarding the state of her car's interior.

Well, thank God. You know, if we can't be gossiping about someone, there's really just no point in even coming to work. Everyone gets talked about behind their backs. I don't participate in that activity because, if it's bad enough that I have to talk about it, I'm just going to have to talk directly to that person. Everyone takes great pains to let me know they aren't talking about me. Right. Do I look stupid? Do I care if they do? Not in the slightest; glad I could be of some entertainment value.

So there you go. More info from one of the weirdest places I've ever worked (and that's saying something).

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