03 November 2004

Brief Update

George Bush for another four years. God help us.

Just a brief update. My stepson and his wife are still having problems. He just got out of the hospital after having an emergency operation. My husband spoke with his wife during the extended period of time they were trying to find out what was wrong with my stepson. She seemed to be open to continuing the relationship, but now my stepson tells him that she seems very distant. I think she's very concerned about expenses; her health insurance may not pay for much of the surgery. I'm just hoping for the best for both of them. I don't pretend to know what that might be.

It's my birthday today. I had lunch with my mom and then we came back to my office and hung out with the boys (my beloved kitties). I felt a little guilty about letting my mom take me out to lunch because I know she doesn't have much cash. As i said yesterday, sometimes it's a gift to allow someone to give something to you. I'm trying to remember that.

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