13 November 2007

Thanksgiving Follow-up

Follow up to Thanksgiving event.

No, they did not eat any of the vegetable platter. No, they didn't even take it out of the refrigerator.

What am I bringing next year? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And I may spit in it.


Anonymous said...

Zennist and Vg,
I posted you a message on the comments for November 12, I hope you will read it. I feel very terrible about the whole thing. Please overlook the misspellings and grammer mishaps, I just got home from a very long day at work and feel like I am very close to having no viable brain cells left.All day today I was looking foward to checking your blog tonight, I was thinking you were going to get a good laugh from my post, I never expected what I saw. Was very shocked and now feel pretty terrible about the whole ordeal.

zennist said...

Hello Anonymous,
No need to apologize! I understand now what you mean. That's the problem with written communication--you can't always judge how someone is feeling based on the words on the page. I *did* laugh when I read the part about the fork on someone's gender.

Thank you so much for clarifying. I wasn't so much angry as just trying to share my experience of how the world works (sadly). I was baffled that someone would think things have changed. I misunderstood you.

You're very kind and I also hope you have a delightful day!

vg said...

Hey Anonymous It's All Good!

G--More tears!!!!!!!