15 November 2007

Veggie Platter Has Been Located

Apparently, veggie platter was lost in the refrigerator. It has been located and people are now eating it. I guess that means I'll have to bring something next time. I guess that means I won't be spitting in it, either. It's a mixed blessing, really.


jumpinginpuddles said...

why would anyone want to eat a vegie platter :O yuck :P:P

vg said...

Must have been in one of those industrial size refrigerators to get lost????
Glad their enjoying it :)

zennist said...

I didn't say I brought something fun, you know! lol! I admit that I thought maybe that's why they didn't eat it at the dinner; maybe everybody just thought it was icky. Who knows? I'm guessing you're not a big carrot fan? ;-)

zennist said...

Hi vg,
No, it was a regular sized refrigerator. Maybe jumpinginpuddles has something here. It was just too boring for them to bother with until they needed to supplement their own lunches. Who knows? That's why it's called Crazy Land. lol!